The Seaside Lounge Recording Studios - 2003-2018

255 18th St  South Park Slope   Brooklyn, New York 11215

Dear friends - The Seaside Lounge has permanently closed. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve our wonderful clients for 15 years. Special thanks to our fantastic interns - we couldn't have done it without you. Also thanks to all the fantastic engineers we have been lucky enough to host. We learned so much from you - you made the studio better, and you made us better engineers, too.

If you are looking to record in Brooklyn, definitely check out Deep Dive Recording, owned and operated by former Seaside engineer Mitch Rackin.

Seaside owner/engineer Charles Burst now lives in upstate NY, and is available for mixing and production work, including remote drum recording. Email him here. Charles is currently building a new, residential recording studio and arts complex in a historic barn in Bloomville, NY, due to open fall 2022. Stay tuned here or at the Instagram and Facebook links below for updates.


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Night Birds - Roll Credits recorded and mixed by Mitch Rackin

Sunwatchers - II recorded and mixed by Charles Burst

Okkervil River - In the Rainbow Rain additional recording by Charles Burst

Taking Meds - My Moon Is Always Full recorded by Jon Markson

Heroes of Toolik - Like Night recorded by Wharton Tiers

Valerie June - The Order of Time additional recording at Seaside by Matt Marinelli

David Grubbs - Creep Mission recorded and mixed by Mitch Rackin

Good Girl and the Bad Times - various singles vocals recorded by Charles Burst

River Cult - Halcyon Daze recorded and mixed by Charles Burst